Read This First

I came across this through the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. It was on my Facebook newsfeed. I tried to cut and paste the article but it’s not easy on my iPad mini.

Read this article if you are considering suicide. Read this article if anyone you know is considering suicide, so that you can share it with them. Just Read This.


You Can Help a Grieving Heart by Alice J. Wisler

You Can Help a Grieving Heart by Alice J. Wisler.


I found this on  It is often so hard to know what to say or do when someone has lost a friend or family member, but even harder when that person has lost a child.  This article may help others.


As a grieving mother, I’ve been fortunate to have many loving, caring people surround me with help and support.   I know that God sends people and resources to me just when I need them.  Today is the six month “anniversary” of my son’s death. I am in need of solace and time to cry without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Clara Hinton – Your Focus Determines Your Future.

Clara Hinton – Your Focus Determines Your Future..


As I continue this journey of coping with the death of my son, I find, or people recommend, articles and websites that help.  This one is very good at describing the grief process after losing a child.


I hope it will help someone.


You Spoke to Me Today

I went to your grave today

and felt the pain of you going away

all over again.

I fell to my knees

praying for God to please

take away my pain.

My tears fell like rain

through my fingers as

I covered my face.

I just could not believe

that I was actually

kneeling at the place

where you were laid to rest.

I sat in my truck

trying to catch my breath

when I saw a reflection

of some one waving.

It was my Auburn flag

flying high in the wind.

It looked as if you were waving me on,

telling me it will one day

be better again.

I sat there waiting

and saw no more,

then as I put the truck in gear

I felt you whispering in my ear,

I love you Mom.


author:  Katherine Corley

Dedicated to Donald Phillip Gwarjanski



No pain, all gain

So, today was the first day in almost a month that my head did not hurt. At all.  No migraine. No headache of any kind!  I felt so wonderful that I did none, I repeat, none of my chores!  Ha!  I just could not waste such a blessing, when it also did not get over 80 degrees today.  Now, if you know anything about Alabama summers, it is 80 at night.  So, when we have a beautiful sunny day in August that is only 80, it is definitely a day to be enjoyed. 

I went to the farmers market and visited my mother.  Then I spent time sitting outside with friends.  I did enjoy one Bloody Mary and since I prepared it from a delicious array of spices, juices, vegetables and condiments, I must say it was wonderful.  Very spicy, but that is how I like it.  ZingZang mix?  Check. Spicy pickled green beans?  Check.  Tabasco? Check.  Worcestershire?  Check.  Horseradish?  Check.  You get the picture.  Of course, I should have taken a picture to share with ya’ll.  Next time I will. 

Oh, and, I got a manicure and pedicure. I am so spoiled today!  I could not resist doing the things I wanted to do, which I often cannot do, instead of the things I needed to do.  Actually, I believe I needed to do just what I did today! 

Today was an extra special blessing.  I believe every day is a blessing, but today was so much more. . I hope ya’ll had a blessing today also.