In memory of my son, Donald Phillip Gwarjanski

I walk mile after mile

Remembering his smile

I cry rivers of tears

Remembering the years

Those gone by

And those never to come

I think of my son

With happiness and sorrow

Wondering what

I’m going to do tomorrow.


author:  Katherine L Corley

Dedicated to Donald Phillip Gwarjanski


6 thoughts on “In memory of my son, Donald Phillip Gwarjanski”

    1. Thank you. He was a ladies man. He was the one the girls turned to when they weren’t dating and needed a date for formals and other events. They called him ” big Don”. The guys called him “Don Juan”. I used to tell him that every time a new picture popped up on Facebook, he was with a beautiful girl. During his last year, he dated a young woman that I did not meet until the night before his funeral. We have become friends.

      Thank you also for taking time to read my blog. I appreciate the follow. I deeply wish we could be writing about something else.

  1. Thank you Gracie. I wrote it just days after Donald died, but it was a few months before I shared it. I have a few more that I plan to share, now that the words don’t tear my heart to shreds. I love reading your blog.

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