I can relate to this post. I have stumbled in my writing since my son’s death, and probably will start a new blog for posts related to my journey through a valley of grief.

Live Your Dreams

It has been a couple of months since I have posted, and I have been wondering why that is. The holidays hit at about the same time I stopped and that may or may not have had something to do with it…I am not sure. This holiday season was our first without Mike, and there was a feeling that we were missing something or in this case someone.

I still think of him every day. I have since the day he left. Except now it’s starting to change. Up until recently, I would often look back at the interactions and conversations between my son and I and replay them over and over looking for clues that I may have missed. Clues that I misinterpreted and where should have reacted differently. I know what happened was not my fault, but looking back, knowing what I know now, how would I have…

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You Can Help a Grieving Heart by Alice J. Wisler

You Can Help a Grieving Heart by Alice J. Wisler.


I found this on http://www.onewomansperspective02.wordpress.com.  It is often so hard to know what to say or do when someone has lost a friend or family member, but even harder when that person has lost a child.  This article may help others.


As a grieving mother, I’ve been fortunate to have many loving, caring people surround me with help and support.   I know that God sends people and resources to me just when I need them.  Today is the six month “anniversary” of my son’s death. I am in need of solace and time to cry without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Clara Hinton – Your Focus Determines Your Future.

Clara Hinton – Your Focus Determines Your Future..


As I continue this journey of coping with the death of my son, I find, or people recommend, articles and websites that help.  This one is very good at describing the grief process after losing a child.


I hope it will help someone.