Quote for the day

Writing is a struggle against silence.



I have been “silent” on my blog for quite some time.  On paper, however, I am not silent.  I have spent many hours writing letters to my late son, Donald.  His death, and the emotions and thoughts that followed, opened up my eyes to the power of keeping a journal of my daily struggle to come to terms with tragedy.


2 thoughts on “Quote for the day”

  1. Katherine, This is David Baker. I am heartbroken about “Little Buddy”. I wish that I could have known him as he grew older, but I lost touch with you and him soon after your divorce. As I watch my 7 year old grandson play baseball, hunt and fish, I am reminded of a young energetic boy named Donald Gwarjanski who always had a smile on his face, a ball in his hand and a desire to have fun. I really liked being around Donald when Phil and I would take him hunting or fishing with us. On one trip to Mr. Talton’s farm in Selma, Donald wanted to hunt with me instead of Phil. I told him that he needed to get his first deer with his dad and then he and I could hunt together as much as he wanted to. I had the pleasure of being there with Baker when he got his first deer on January 23, 2012. You are more than welcome to come and watch Baker play baseball in Helena. Maybe it would bring back some great memories of Donald playing ball. I see a lot of similarities between Baker and Donald…. It might do you good to meet a remarkable kid whom I call “Little Buddy”

    1. Wow, its good to hear from you. Although I certainly wish it had been under different circumstances. Donald remained like that little boy you knew as Little Buddy. He always had a smile on his face and was ready for fun. He loved to play ball throughout his life, and continued to love to hunt and fish. He was “larger than life” and lived a good life. He had so much planned and so much he was looking forward to. We don’t know why it ended so suddenly.
      I would love to come watch your grandson play baseball. I really miss that. Its about time for baseball practice to start up.

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