Out of Answers?: you’re not out of God

Out of Answers?: you’re not out of God.


I found this post on Freshly Pressed this morning.  The title intrigued me.  The post inspired me.

I have been a Christian for many, many years.  I don’t always attend church services, which disturbs many of my friends, Christian or not. My maternal grandfather was a Baptist minister.  He stopped school in the sixth grade.  Yet he became an ordained minister and shaped a large part of my life.  One sermon that he gave has stuck with me for many years.  He said that you don’t have to be in church to worship God.  You can be on a rock, or under a tree, or working in the field, and still worship God.  I cannot tell you how much that has resonated in me all these years.


I memorized many scriptures when I was a child because that was how we were taught.  While memorizing scripture is not a necessary practice, I have found that being able to recall a particular passage during a time of or sadness is a great gift.  I still read my Bible and try my best to understand and to apply its teachings to my life.


I do  not pretend to understand all the Bible says, nor all there is to understand about God.  I have been through some very tough trials, and at these times, my faith in God and my Bible give me comfort and hope.  If you have read any of my posts, you know that I recently lost my 22 year old son.  I am in the pit of despair at this point.  But, if I don’t have answers, I still have God.




3 thoughts on “Out of Answers?: you’re not out of God”

    1. I’m glad you are still keeping up with me, as I am not able to post as often as I would like. I’m still having a hard time, especially as our winter approaches and the holidays are upon us.


      1. I can imagine it’s very difficult for you at this time of year, and I will be thinking of you. I think it’s important that we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves. Just do what feels right, and what is possible. The rest will be ok. ❤

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