You Spoke to Me Today

I went to your grave today

and felt the pain of you going away

all over again.

I fell to my knees

praying for God to please

take away my pain.

My tears fell like rain

through my fingers as

I covered my face.

I just could not believe

that I was actually

kneeling at the place

where you were laid to rest.

I sat in my truck

trying to catch my breath

when I saw a reflection

of some one waving.

It was my Auburn flag

flying high in the wind.

It looked as if you were waving me on,

telling me it will one day

be better again.

I sat there waiting

and saw no more,

then as I put the truck in gear

I felt you whispering in my ear,

I love you Mom.


author:  Katherine Corley

Dedicated to Donald Phillip Gwarjanski




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