Three days

I just looked at my countdown and saw it is three days to my “girls beach trip”, except it is now just two days because we are leaving a day early.  Woo-hoo.  I really love the beach.  When I say the beach, I really mean the Gulf Coast of Alabama or the Panhandle area of Florida.  It is where my battery gets recharged and with the tragic death of my son, Donald, this trip is going to be a relief from the daily details I have been attending to, but will also be a little hard because the one month mark falls during the weekend.  Wow.  That sentence really needs to be rewritten but hey, this is my blog.  I’ll just leave it alone.


I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the endless sight of water and sky, the salty air, the feel of my toes in the sand and the warmth of the sun on my face.  I am always happiest at the beach.  My favorite time of day at the beach is late afternoon when many people start to go in to clean up and go out, to bathe the children, or to prepare a meal.  The beach is very peaceful at that time especially in September.  The weather is still warm but the crowds are gone.  It is quiet.  The sounds of sea and shore  soothe my mind and body.  A walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset is good for my soul.  I feel close to God.  I can see the beauty he has created and feel his presence around me.


I’ll take my computer and I’ll have my ‘smartphone’, so hopefully I will post at least once, with a picture.  Until then, imagine yourself at the beach, burying your toes in the sand with your eyes closed, listening to the waves lap gently on the shore.


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