The Cushion of Darkness

The other day, Lori at Dear Ms. Migraine wrote a poem about the dark.  Lori and I have migraines.  I understand her affinity for darkness.  Today I have been  lying in a cool, dark room.  I wish I could say it is quiet also, but someone is outside somewhere with a very noisy gas-powered yard tool of some sort.

I don’t have a migraine yet.  I feel it hovering at the edges of my brain, waiting to burst into my day with vengeance.  That is why I am in bed in the dark.  I am very sensitive to light, especially bright sunlight, on a day like today. Actually, I’m very sensitive to bright light at any time.  I am one  of those strange people who wear sunglasses when its raining!  The brightness of the sun, coupled with scorching heat, makes me wilt like a delicate flower.  I am not that way every day….some days I seek the sun and its warmth, although only if I’m very close to a pool, lake or ocean and its either spring or fall.   Summer seems to drain every bit of energy from my body.

It is peaceful in the dark.  It cushions me and my aching head when I have a migraine or my body when the fibromyalgia flares up or my mind when depression strikes.  It also becomes a place of refuge from the chaos of daily life.  Unfortunately, sometimes I spend time in this refuge when I really need to be doing something else.  Hence, I am up and moving around, although gingerly, and writing my thoughts for whoever finds them interesting enough to read.  For today, that is enough.



3 thoughts on “The Cushion of Darkness”

  1. I was worried about you Katherine. I’m glad you stopped in and posted. Last I had heard you were hurting, so its not good to hear that its here again rattling around. I can really appreciate the not so quiet when you’re in your dark place. Where I lived in Wyoming was a busy street, but there was still not a lot of noise. If it did get a little bit to loud all I had to do was shut my windows (doubles) and I couldn’t hear anything, except for sirens and if people banged on the window and screamed. Oh the bliss of having double windows. I realize the intent was to keep the house warmer in winter, but I really appreciate them more for my migraines. Hope you get to feeling a bit better.

    1. Thank you Lori. I tried to post something earlier this week but for some reason that I have yet to figure out, wordpress would not let me post. So, I’ll have to start over with that one. I am feeling better. I also feel a little guilty because the noise I complained about was a friend who was outside working in my yard for me. I didn’t realize it was him until I went out later and saw the work he had done. I cannot do yard work and I am immensely grateful that he is willing to do it for me in addition to his job, family and other obligations. Of course, I pay him but I still appreciate his time and effort.

      1. Don’t feel bad, when you hurt you hurt. He would understand. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. Take care of yourself.

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