No pain, all gain

So, today was the first day in almost a month that my head did not hurt. At all.  No migraine. No headache of any kind!  I felt so wonderful that I did none, I repeat, none of my chores!  Ha!  I just could not waste such a blessing, when it also did not get over 80 degrees today.  Now, if you know anything about Alabama summers, it is 80 at night.  So, when we have a beautiful sunny day in August that is only 80, it is definitely a day to be enjoyed. 

I went to the farmers market and visited my mother.  Then I spent time sitting outside with friends.  I did enjoy one Bloody Mary and since I prepared it from a delicious array of spices, juices, vegetables and condiments, I must say it was wonderful.  Very spicy, but that is how I like it.  ZingZang mix?  Check. Spicy pickled green beans?  Check.  Tabasco? Check.  Worcestershire?  Check.  Horseradish?  Check.  You get the picture.  Of course, I should have taken a picture to share with ya’ll.  Next time I will. 

Oh, and, I got a manicure and pedicure. I am so spoiled today!  I could not resist doing the things I wanted to do, which I often cannot do, instead of the things I needed to do.  Actually, I believe I needed to do just what I did today! 

Today was an extra special blessing.  I believe every day is a blessing, but today was so much more. . I hope ya’ll had a blessing today also.


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