A glorious summer thunderstorm

Boom!  Crack!  The storm blew up quickly, at only 10:30 am today.  The rain is heavy, causing great rivers to rush down my parched backyard to the drive and down to the street.  Tigger, my cat, and Lulu, my little shih tzu, have run for cover as the house trembles from the storm’s fury.  The sound of the rain pelting the aluminum cover on my fireplace makes me think back to the sound of rain on a tin roof.

I walked out on my screen porch to watch the storm, which might not have been such a great idea, as I could have been struck by lightning.  As I gazed through the trees to the golf course adjoining my backyard, I was amazed to see that the sand trap is now a small pond.  Slowly, the thunder becomes just a rumble, the lightning is mere flickers in the distance and I marvel at the glory of a summer storm.


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