A return to working out

A few ( more like 10) years ago, I worked out frequently and loved it.  Then certain things happened in my life that sidetracked my fitness journey.  I’ve started and restarted my fitness program many times, only to be derailed by health issues. 
I want to be strong and fit for whatever challenges life brings.  And sad, but true, lately I have noticed that I am getting weak.  I mean, come on, an iron skillet of corn bread should not take two hands to get it in and out of the oven!  Even if it is a large skillet.    I truly love corn bread with fresh vegetables in the hot summer months.  What southern gal doesn’t?!  Who needs meat when you have fresh veggies and cornbread?
So, today, back to the gym.  Oh man, it was hard.  I remember being so strong and fit.  I thought I could just start where I left off.   Huh!  Life intervened.  But, I persevered in spite of the fatigue that is becoming all too common.  ( yes, I have a doctor’s permission to engage in a fitness program, although he might not have approved of today’s regimen).  I was happy to make it through the routine I had planned. But at the end, I was a wee bit light-headed.  A gatorade and lots of H2O fixed that. 
I am ready and raring to go again tomorrow, unless I have precipitated a fibromyalgia flare.  I am hoping for a good yoga  or pilates session after today’s strength training.  And, maybe a dip in the pool.  After all, it is in the high 90’s and high humidity in August in Alabama.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  What are you doing for fitness?


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