Not only does this recipe look wonderful, the writer gives an excellent description of his experience. I must try this recipe.

il Rosso Leone

‘That smells so good I can’t even sleep’

It’s a great compliment to hear. My wife was attempting a pre-lunch snooze on the couch and was having trouble drifting off, the smell of my cooking was keeping her awake.

I’d just opened the oven to turn the quiche 180 degrees, which I’d learnt through experience was a necessity if I didn’t want whatever I was cooking to be half underdone and half overdone.

This was my first quiche, asparagus and feta with a pastry lining that happened to be gluten free. Not that I have anything against gluten, some of my favorite foods contain gluten.

My wife however is a glutenist. An unabashed glutenist. If she’s at a restaurant and gets even a faint hint of gluten in her food, she’ll down her cutlery and refuse to eat another mouthful. She’s been known to be at a party and if there is gluten…

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