New Beginnings

I guess new beginnings is redundant, since new and beginning are essentially the same.   Some of the things I plan to begin this year are things I have attempted in the past; so maybe new beginnings is an appropriate title. 
First, I have always wanted to write but never have except for work (legal pleadings, briefs, etc) or school.  I have no idea where or how to start but somehow, I have decided to blog.  Whether anyone wants to read is yet to be seen. 

Second, I am fascinated with arts and crafts.  I am always looking for ideas and I wind up with more jewelry, needlework, wreaths, ornaments, etc., than I can use or give away.  One of my dear friends will be creating a website for me to display my creative talents, or attempts, as I try to learn new skills this year.  I have always wanted to crochet, so that is first on my list.  I also want to try something at which involves making a quilt block monthly and assembling the quilt by the end of the year.  I may be too eager and may not be able to accomplish all things well.  I am a perfectionist, or, I have been one in the past.  I find that, sometimes, perfection is not necessary in creativity.  Often, a flaw may give a project an unintended, but needed, spark. 

So, those are my plans for new beginnings as far as my creative mind will take me.  As for other things, I am once again embarking on a fitness plan to help make my body healthy and strong.  Health issues have sidetracked me over the past few years, but I vow to start again and not push myself too hard on days that my body can’t take it.  Also, I have always enjoyed cooking.   After my son left for college three years ago, I decided that cooking for one was quite boring and I’ve never been fond of freezing meals for later consumption.  Lately, I have found myself trying new recipes, adjusting the quantity or sharing with others.  So, I am planning to cook more healthy foods to go with my fitness plan.  Wish me luck! 


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