Migraines and Botox

I have suffered from severe migraines most of my life.  Frequent intractable migraines that make me averse to light, noise, smells, heat, cold, food, touch.  I have tried dietary changes, acupuncture, yoga, pilates,  massage, chiropractic treatment, all kinds of preventive medication.  I cannot work due to the unpredictability of the migraines.  I study everything I can, try new treatments, and keep abreast of the latest research.  Yet, still I suffer.  Until recently.  I was approved for Botox shots for migraine prevention.  Now, before you raise your eyebrows and shake your head, thinking this is a way to get cosmetic Botox paid for, let me  assure you that it is not. 
In October 2011, I had my first injections.  32 injections, most of which are on my scalp, base of skull, neck and shoulders.  It hurts like 32 bee stings.  This is not a treatment for anyone scared of needles but when you suffer from intractable migraines 15 or more days a month, you will try most anything.  It worked!  I had very few headaches and only one or two migraines for two months.  When you have had a headache almost every day for an eternity, having an occasional headache is okay. 
I noticed that the headaches and migraines started back in mid-December.  So, I have recently had another round of injections and I am hoping for similar results. 
This treatment is changing my life!  I am no longer foggy- brained and sick from the preventive medicines.  I am not scared to make plans for fear of a migraine.  I no longer worry about severe weather, at least not in the sense that I will get sick with a migraine.  I am starting to exercise more, socialize more, read more, and my creative juices are running wild.  I knew migraines were debilitating, but I didn’t know how much of life I was missing.  I still haven’t been to a movie and I have to watch for certain triggers, but I am becoming a new person.  I’m really excited to see if this will work long-term so I can figure out what’s next!

Not only does this recipe look wonderful, the writer gives an excellent description of his experience. I must try this recipe.

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‘That smells so good I can’t even sleep’

It’s a great compliment to hear. My wife was attempting a pre-lunch snooze on the couch and was having trouble drifting off, the smell of my cooking was keeping her awake.

I’d just opened the oven to turn the quiche 180 degrees, which I’d learnt through experience was a necessity if I didn’t want whatever I was cooking to be half underdone and half overdone.

This was my first quiche, asparagus and feta with a pastry lining that happened to be gluten free. Not that I have anything against gluten, some of my favorite foods contain gluten.

My wife however is a glutenist. An unabashed glutenist. If she’s at a restaurant and gets even a faint hint of gluten in her food, she’ll down her cutlery and refuse to eat another mouthful. She’s been known to be at a party and if there is gluten…

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Time Management Tips

As I consider my goals and plans for 2012, I have been  reading articles on areas of my life that I want to improve.  Time management is a big issue for me.  One would think that when you are retired there is plenty of time.  There is and that is where I get in trouble.  I often procrastinate or I do too much and get exhausted.

I read an article today which had ideas and suggestions I want to incorporate into my daily life.  I found Invest Your time Wisely at

If you have a desire to improve your use of time so that you can add things that will enrich your life, take a look and please comment.   I would like to read your strategies for managing your time to get the most out of life. After all, enjoying life is a worthwhile goal.

Note, crosswalk is what its name implies…a Christian resource.  If that offends you, please don’t read it only to complain.  I believe that anyone struggling with time management could find useful information in the article, regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Carpe diem!